Pressure boosting sets

Pressure boosting set BS from 1 up to 6 pumps


The pressure boosting sets BS are available as fixed speed pump units or as variable speed pump units with frequency converter.

The capacity ranges for the flow Q from 1,5 m³/h to 500 m³/h and the delivery height H up to 130m.

Fire-fighting sets AUE, AUD und AUED UNI-EN 12845


The fire-fighting sets are constructed in accordance with UNI-EN 12845 standard for automatic fire-fighting systems with sprinkler or according to UNI 10779 for fire hydrants. The units have 1 or 2 main pumps and an additional jockey pump which keeps the pressure level without starting the main pumps.
The capacity ranges for the flow Q from 15 m³/h to 700 m³/h and a delivery height H up to 90m.