Internal gear pumps R

RThe internal gear pumps of type “R” are positive displacement rotary pumps. The capacity is directly proportinal to the rotation speed. This pump is available as bare shaft pump with bearing bracket.




  • Maximum nominal pressure: 16 bar
  • Temperature: -60°C to +300°C


  • Internal gear pumps are made of stainless steel 1.4408 (AISI 316), cast iron EN-GJL-250 and nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400. Special materials are produced on request.
  • Shaft sealing alternative with mechanical seal, stuffing box or magnetic drive. The materials and the execution of the mechanical seal, packing or magnetic drive in accordance to the liquid.R-R

Technical Characteristics:

  • Capacity: up to 350 m³/h
  • Viscosity: up to 100.000 mm²/s (cSt)
  • Connections: from DN40 to DN250



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