Pumps with grinder system GR

GRNSubermsible pumps series “GR” with open multi-channel impeller and cutting system. This kind of pumps with special impeller and grinder system is used for pumping waste water with long fibers and cutting able solids.


  • Temperature: up to +40°C
  • Max. solid size: – (cutting system)

Materials:GR Blue Pro

  • Cast iron
  • Shaft sealing with mechanical seal. Materials and executions of mechanical seal in accordance to the pumped liquid.

Technical characteristics:

    • Capacity up to 29,6 l/s
    • Discharge head up to 54 m
    • Connections from G 1 1/2″ to DN 100 horizontal
    • Motor: 0,74 – 7,2 kW, 2900, 1450 min-1

General performance curve:


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