Peripheral immersion pump B-VT

image_BVT_01Vertical close-coupled peripheral (regenerative) pump with submerged turbie impeller. Seal-less, reversible. Peripheral pump of type B-VT are used for pumping clean liquids without abrasives, without suspended solids. Submerged deph 170 mm


  • Viscosity: up to 20 mm²/s
  • Temperature: water up to +90°C, oil up to +150 °C


  • Peripheral pumps are made of bronze.
  • Without shaft sealing.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Capacity max. 3 m³/h
  • Discharge Head: max. 50 m W.S.
  • Connections: 3/4″
  • Motor rotation speed: 2900 min-1

Performance Curve:


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