Stainless steel centrifugal pumps 3M

3MHorizontal single-stage volute casing pumps in stainless steel with dimensions and performances acc. EN 733. The “3M”-series is a close coupled execution with electric motor with extended shaft. These pumps are used for pumping clean and low contaminated liquids (also used for various chemicals).


  • Maximum nominal pressure: 10 bar
  • Temperature: -20°C to +120°C


  • Centrifugal pumps are made in stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304) and 1.4571 (AISI 316).
  • Shaft sealing with mechanical seal. Materials of mechanical seal in accordance to the pumped liquid.

Technical Characteristics:3M-Schnitt

  • Capacity: up to 240 m³/h
  • Discharge Head: up to 90 m W.S.
  • Connections from DN 32 to DN 100
  • Motor rotation speed: 1450 min-1 and 2900 min-1

General performance Curve – 2900 min-1


General Performance Curve – 1450 min-1


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