Pumps with vortex impeller DG Blue, DG Blue Pro

DG Blue ProSubmersible pumps series “DG Blue” with set back vortex impeller for pumping all kinds of waste water, sewage and sludge. The vortex impeller grants pumping fluids containging solids up to 50 mm diameter.


  • Temperature: up to +40°C
  • Maximum solid size: 50 mm


  • Cast iron
  • Seal set comprising of two opposing mechanical seals in silicon carbide and alumina graphite (DG Blue) or rather two opposing silicon carbide mechanical seals (DG Blue Pro) in oil sump, and V-ring in direct contact with the liquid.

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity: up to 12,6 m³/h
  • Discharge head: up to 15,3 m
  • Connections from G1 1/2″ to 2″ vertical
  • Motor: 0,37 – 1,5 kW, 2900 min-1

Characteristics diagram:


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